Librarians are the ultimate search engine.

Librarians are trained experts in finding information, wherever it is — in books, in archives, on the Web.
In a world of information overload, librarians are information navigators — clearing a path, pointing you toward the information you need. 

The Value of Libraries and Librarians

Libraries change communities.

Libraries support community and civic engagement.  As non-commercial institutions that welcome everyone equally, libraries offer a unique place to stay in touch, engage with others and find a place to contribute.


Libraries change lives.

Libraries have more than information.  They have the power to transform lives.

Libraries are places of opportunity. 

Libraries are places for education and self-help.  And because they offer free and open access to all, they bring opportunity to all.

Libraries are changing and dynamic places.  

Today’s libraries go beyond books.  While still offering traditional print resources, libraries have free computers, access to the Internet, free Wi-Fi and more.  Plus, libraries offer trained professional service from librarians.

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